TC Flow Chart (OSX)

Main function :
  - The operation interface is simple, easy to use, and you can quickly make your own flow chart.
  - The window interface size can be customized.
  - The size of the project flow chart can be customized.
  - You can save and open your own projects.
  - The project can also be saved in other image formats (JPG, PNG).
  - The grid and ruler can be adjusted and displayed.
  - Supports multi-view selection by mouse range, and multi-view dragging.
  - Multiple View Selections: You can use [COMMAND + left mouse button] to select or cancel the selection.
  - COMMAND + up, down, left, and right buttons can fine-tune the position of the selected view.
  - Interface color supports dark mode.

Single view type :
  - There are four types of lines, arrows, shapes, and text, totaling 20 types.
  - Lines, arrows, and shapes support their own text.
  - Text input support system icon.

Single view function :
  - Left-click on a single view with the mouse, a red frame and adjustment buttons appear, and you can execute the view adjustment tool at the top of the main screen.
  - The position and size of the view can be adjusted freely with the mouse.
  - Adjustable: line width, line color, background color (support transparency setting), text color.
  - View rotation: 0~360 degree rotation adjustment, 0,90,180,270,360 degree, fast adjustment.
  - View flip: flip left and right, or flip up and down.
  - Display the position and size of the view, and manually enter the coordinates and size.
  - Copy: Copy the selected single view. The newly copied view layer will be displayed on the top layer.
  - Delete: Delete the selected single view.
  - The view comes with text: custom text, size, color, and display position will be automatically centered.
  - View editing supports the Undo function.

Basic version :
  - The number of Views in a single project is limited to 20.
  - Maximum flow chart size : Width (2000) , Height (2000).
  - There is a watermark.

Pro version :
  - There is no limit to the number of views in the project.
  - Unlimited flow chart size.
  - No watermark.

Q : Does the app need to be connected to the internet?
A : This app is a stand-alone version and does not require network connection when in use.

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