TC Product Shelf Life (iOS)

Function Description :
It is suitable for data establishment and query of the storage period of the commodity inventory of individuals, businesses, stores, factories, etc.
Products can be added or edited, and stored in the category list.
You can take pictures or use the picture library to add product pictures.
Copy product function: help you quickly build products.
Products can be displayed by category.
The main list products display the product name, serial number, classification, expiration date, and storage period to help you watch quickly.
The maximum number of displayed products can be set (the display can be switched by page).
Product information: Click the picture to zoom the picture display.
Product information: You can modify the product name, serial number, manufacturing date, expiration date, storage location, barcode, expiration reminder, and remarks fields.
Product information: Click the edit button to modify, and then click the edit button again to save the modified information.
Product information, expiration reminder: You can set the number of days before the product expires to remind the user in advance.
Main list sorting: You can sort the list by category and product name, serial number, manufacturing date, expiration date, and storage location according to your needs.
You can search for products by name or number.
Can export backup files to e-mail.
The backup file can be imported from e-mail, cloud, or file app.
Product barcode storage and scanning functions.
Product information page: You can customize the display color.
The same product but different dates can be created in multiples.

System notification :
Expiration reminder can be set whether to join the system notification function outside the App.
A list of system notifications that can display future overdue reminders.
System notifications for overdue reminders can be manually removed.

Product barcode scanning :
Barcodes can be scanned and stored when creating new products.
For commodities that have already stored barcodes, you can also change the barcodes again.
For products that have stored barcodes, you can use the scanning function to quickly find the products.
Once scanned correctly, items with the same name but different dates can be listed at one time.

Q : Is the VIP a monthly payment or a one-time payment?
A : All VIPs are paid for one time (iPhone & iPad dual version), new machine, login with purchased account, press Restore button, you can get VIP for free (will connect with Apple to check if it has been purchased).

Q : Does the app need to be connected to the internet?
A : This app is a stand-alone version and does not require network connection when in use.

This application is the same as any other free application with ads, After installation will return the country name, device name, number of ad impressions, number of times of opening, time of installation and update. This data stored on the server for analysis only, do not record other personal privacy data.

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