Terms of Service :

Thank you for using this application "TC Food POS system", please read the following terms. Continue to use this application means that you have read and agree to the following terms.

If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this application.

First, copyright :

The copyright of the TC Food POS system is owned by Towms Chang.

The following "the company" means the author of "Towms Chang".

The following "this application" refers to the "TC Food POS system".

Second, using this application, you can not:

1. Try to decompile or reverse engineer or crack any material or program contained in the application.

2. Any act that damages the company's intellectual property and other rights and income. (including any act that directly or indirectly causes such infringement).

Third, the network server using this application:

1. Do not repeatedly apply for account and network space (If you have forgotten your password or would like to change your account name and password, please contact us.).

2. Do not attempt to crack the website login system.

3. Do not attempt to attack the web server host, or download in large quantities, causing too much traffic and slowing down the overall download speed.

4. If the user has the above three actions, the company has the right to terminate the use of your account or take any necessary measures.

5. Please be sure to protect your account and password. If the account is stolen by others due to neglect of storage, you are responsible for the risk of the file being stolen.

Fourth, the terms of use to modify and terminate:

The company reserves the right to amend these terms at any time. The terms are revised and posted on the company's website and are not individually notified.

If you continue to use the Software and Services after the Company has modified the Terms of Service, you are accepting the terms of this Modification.