TC Invoicing (Android)

Description :
- Suitable for shops, stores, the wholesalers, a street vendor and other goods into the shipping business.
- You can scan the barcode to build the new commodity or Find out the commodity that have been established.
- You can take pictures and add to the product images.
- Commodity can display by classification.
- Input over the type, specification , units, and businesses can quickly select.
- Master list items to display the stock quantity and selling price to help you quickly view.
- Master list can set the maximum number of display (Pageable switch display).
- Product Info - Can direct purchase, shipping, retirement or remove items.
- Product Info - Point picture to enlarge display.
- Product Info - You can modify the selling price and the memo field.
- Historical purchase, shipment, scrap list,It can choose to display a day or a month (More than 50,pageable display).
- Add List - For the same supplier to fast purchase method.
- Item statistics - Profit, purchase, shipping, scrapped the merchandise total statistics,Optional 7,15,30,90 day statistics and draw a graph,Left and right button can switch the previous or the next number days.
- Customer List - When purchasing or shipping and input the customer name, will be added to the Customer list.
- Customer Info - Editable customers the information,and provides a key to make a call or send e-mail function.
- Master list can search by name or number.
- Can Export backup file to e-mail.
- Can import backup file from e-mail (After the backup file is downloaded, open it with the file browser).
- Daily inventory quantity reminder settings.
- Can immediately check the goods of inventory shortage.
- Item statistics can choose curve chart or bar chart.
- Can immediately check the goods of expired.
- Import and export backup files for custom passwords (VIP).
- Login APP password function and settings (VIP).
- Auxiliary engine :
Use e-mail to export and import the purchase and shipping list. This system solve the multi-machine use instant networking issues , Although it can not achieve real-time inventory updates,But it can save the cost of a servo host and maintain.
- Backup to Google Drive Cloud (VIP C, D, E).
- Ad-supported.

Quick Purchase and Shipment features:
- Scanned automatically added to the temporary list.
- Can modify the number and delete.
- Quick pick (Customer list)
- You can add and remove lists in a single way (The amount is automatically summed).
- In addition to the list and totals, other fields are editable.
- Optional text color (VIP).
- You can select field reduction or detail mode (VIP).
- Support wireless WIFI printing (VIP).
- Print a list of records : Stores printed PDF files , you can print again or share (VIP).

Q : Is the VIP a monthly payment or a one-time payment ?
A :
All VIPs are paid for one time, new machine, login with purchased Google account, and enter the in-app purchase page (It will automatically connect to Google to check if it has been purchased. This action is equivalent to restore purchase) , you can get the VIP again for free.

This application is the same as any other free application with ads, After installation will return the country name, device name, number of ad impressions, number of times of opening, time of installation and update. This data stored on the server for analysis only, do not record other personal privacy data.

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